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This long awaited DVD features chapters on a variety of aspects of defense inside the home for the prepared gun owner. Simply having a firearm is not the same as being repaired to defend yourself or your family in the event of a home invasion or any presence of a violent actor. These concepts can be applied to any environment which you can control, including your workplace or even a hotel room.


1 .  Introduction
2 .  Immediate Action Plan for a Home Invasion
3 .  When Should you use Lethal Force in Home Defense?
4 .  Securing your Home from Invasion
5 .  Storing Defensive Firearms in your Home
6 .  Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry in the Home
7 .  Positioning yourself During a Home Invasion
8 .  Tactical Lighting for Home Defense
9 .  Safe Backstops in the Home
10 .  Close Quarters Shooting: Handgun
11 .  Close Quarters Shooting: Long Guns
12 .  Non-Firearms Defense Inside the Home
13 .  Communications with Law Enforcement
14 .  Immediate Aftermath of a Home Defense Event
15 .  Close

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