Legal Considerations of non-lethal Personal Defense DVD C6174D

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There are always potential ramifications to the use of defensive force. While we often talk about the aftermath of shooting a defensive firearm, merely presenting a firearm can also carry significant ramifications. If you carry chemical, electrical or impact defensive tools or ever use a gun during a critical incident without firing it. This DVD features vital information that you should know. Taught by Marty Hayes and Kerry Tanner, this DVD help you understand the explanations you should be ready to offer to justify your appropriate use of non-lethal force with or without a firearm.

Instructors: Rob Pincus, Marty Hayes and Kerry Tanner

1 .  Introduction
2 .  Pointing a Firearm at Another to Stop a Threat
3 .  “Brandishing” a Firearm
4 .  Dealing with Law Enforcement after a Non-Lethal use of a Defensive Firearm.
5 .  Using a Firearm to Detain a Person
6 .  Using Non-Lethal Force against Non-Lethal Force
7 .   Law Enforcement Perspective: Using Non-Lethal Defensive Force
8 .  Close

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