Two Person Armed Defense Two Day

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Registration for this course is for two people. 

This course is meant for the two people, couples, co-workers or friends who are generally both armed and interested in learning about how to coordinate their efforts in a worst case scenario. 

This training will draw from law enforcement, military and security team training and be applied to the context of personal defense in the public space as well as being at home or in the workplace. While not a prerequisite, it is suggested that students take a CFS Course from an Active I.C.E. Certified Instructor prior to TPAD to get the most out of it. Topics to be covered:

The two day version of TPAD integrates more repetitions and coaching of individual skills, home/workplace defense team tactics and force-on-force scenarios to evaluate the students' ability to apply what they've learned. 

1. Review of Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting 

2. Communication, Coordination & Cooperation, the Three C's of Teamwork during a Dynamic Critical Incident

3.  Danger Areas & Fields of Fire

4. Dealing with Multiple Threats Efficiently

5. Coordinated Strings of Fire

6. Shooting in Defense of Others (including children)

7. Movement to Cover & Evasion

8. Home or Workplace Defense Planning

9. Emergency Trauma Medicine Basics 

10. Immediate Aftermath of a Shooting

11. Other topics driven by student questions, context and gear.


Minimum Gear:
Pistol, 3 magazines, Holster, 700 rounds.

Course Eligibility: 
Must have completed a CFS or FoCFS course successfully.


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July 17-18, 2017 Reno, NV


We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with Personal Defense Network, we are able to offer discounted 9mm and/or .223 ammunition for this course from AngelFire Ammunition. Rob Pincus and other members of our Instructor Team have had the opportunity to test this ammo for reliability in a variety of defensive handguns and AR platform rifles and found it to perform very well under typical training conditions. AngelFire is a sponsor of the 2017 PDN Training Tour. Ammunition can be ordered and shipment can be arranged to you OR your Training Location by following this link: .


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ken Crawford, 07/13/2016

Great course to learn the concepts of being armed with another person in public, or in the home. Having the two days to learn the 3 C's (Coordination, Communication, and Cooperation) and being able to apply those in scenarios really helped me "see" where I needed to focus my training resources on.

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