1 Day of Intuitive Defensive Carbine

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This is a one day version of the IDC Course. The IDC Program applies the principals of the Intuitive Defense Shooting Program to the world of semi-automatic rifles. Stressing efficiency, working with what the body does naturally and training in context, Intuitive Defense Carbine is a progressive and dynamic course. Students will engage in a variety of shooting drills and maneuvers designed to make their shooting (sighted and unsighted) more intuitive. In addition to the fundamentals of close quarters defensive rifling, students will be guided through handling techniques and understanding how a variety of factors affect their balance between speed and precision with a carbine. Improvised shooting positions for heightened precision capabilities (smaller targets & ranges out to 150 yards) will also be covered. 

Students should plan on 450 rounds of ammunition for this course. (Students are welcome to bring extra ammunition, as there will be certain drills where round count can easily be increased.) Price does not include ammunition.


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For information on locations and dates please visit the I.C.E. Training Calendar

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Francis Merante, 04/24/2018

Reviewed by Fran Merante, 04/24/2018

I was the host and participant for this course on 4/21/2018. This is the second time I have hosted a course and Rob Pincus NEVER disappoints. Although I had taken the 2 day course some time ago, I felt it was prudent to "check in" on the material by using this one day course as a "refresher" to make sure I was fundamentally sound for the APH course I would be taking the following day. I'm glad I did because there were a few reminders as well as some new drills that I experienced throughout the day that were very valuable.

Rob's wealth of knowledge combined with the drills he uses to hammer it home is staggering. Once again I found myself shaken to the core that for many years I had been walking around with a concealed firearm, without being aware of this incredibly invaluable information.

Just my 2 pennies, if you own a firearm for self defense, do yourself an ENORMOUS favor and start with this course. You LITERALLY CAN NOT put a price tag on this information. It could potentially be life saving information, if the day ever were to come, that you encounter a dynamic critical incident.

Find out what I now know and then reflect on the fact that you carried so long without knowing it. CHILLING to say the least!

THANK YOU ROB PINCUS for your extreme professionalism, masterful teaching, for sharing your life experiences and endless wealth of knowledge to keep us all safer and for being a true warrior for what we all believe in!


Fran Merante

Reviewed by Todd Manker, 07/17/2016

Just finished a one day Combat Focus Carbine class in Sesser, IL! It was hot...damn hot...but I enjoyed every single sweat stained second of it! I have endured 1000's of hours of rifle training in my years of military and law enforcement but this was the best single day training I've ever attended! Barrett Kendrick is an incredible instructor!!

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