Best 100 Rounds: Defensive Handguns

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Ammunition is a limited resource, as is your range time. In this DVD, Rob Pincus offers his thoughts on the best possible way to spend only 100 rounds practicing the most important defensive shooting skills. Whether these are the only 100 rounds you will shoot all year or you choose to make this 100 rounds the beginning or end of every one of your practice sessions, the drills offered are sure to help you maximize the value of each shot you fire downrange. Rob has take thousands of students in thousands of classes and he applies all of his experience and observations to the advice in this DVD!


1.  Introduction

2.  Training Versus Practice

3.  Presentation From the Holster

4.  One-Handed Presentation

5.  Weak-Handed Shooting

6.  Slide Lock Reloads

7.  One Handed Reloads

8.  Balance of Speed & Precision Drill

9.  Malfunction Drills

10.  Presentation from the Holster while Seated

11.  Flow Drill

12.  Contact Shooting

13.    Extended Distance Shooting

14.   Wind Sprint Drill

15.    Close

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