Combat Focus Shooting Evolution 2010 Training Book

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C6152B "Combat Focus® Shooting - Evolution 2010" Training Book

Combat Focus(tm) Shooting Evolution 2010 is the most up to date version of the most progressive and efficient defensive firearms training program ever codified. This book represents the cutting edge of understanding how to quickly gain life saving firearms skills regardless of your experience, background or the context of your firearms use. Based on working well with what your body does naturally during a dynamic critical incident and focusing on the concept of the Balance of Speed and Precision, this program doesn't just tell you what to do, it explains why. Not just another tool for your toolbox, Combat Focus(tm) Shooting is the best information that the author and his team of instructors have to offer.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jason C, 11/09/2015

This is an amazing resource for understanding the psychological, and physiological responses that take place when faced with a lethal threat. Rob deconstructs the science of self defense in a way that is easy to understand.

Reviewed by Jeffrey , 11/09/2015

As always a very well thought out practical book for anyone that is truly interested in understanding personal defense with a firearm. Rob takes his years of experience and all of the input he has gained from around the world to formulate the Combat Focus philosophy. He is always on the lead edge. It is a must read for anyone serious about personal defense. I re-read it regularly as part of my on going training.

Reviewed by A G, 10/19/2015

One of the first and best books I bought and read....and re-read more than once. Rob lays out what you need to know and be thinking about in the real world.

Reviewed by From ., 09/23/2014

An Outstanding Work Rob,
Shelly and I appreciate all your hard work to educate so many.
Thank you for this and as always, may you be safe, be well and be blessed in abundance.

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