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Active Shooter 5 DVD Bundle

1) Active Shooter Responses

Rob Pincus covers the most appropriate responses for the average person caught in an Active Shooter Situation in a public environment. Unfortunately, the modern phenomenon of the spree killer acting in areas where they perceive a high concentration of victims is something that everyone who carries a firearms in public  (or keeps one for defensive purposes in their workplace or vehicle) needs to think about. Rob provides and overview of potential responses and discusses the most responsible tactical options.

2) Spree Attacker Response DVD for Schools

Spree Killings are an unfortunate reality that far too few people are prepared to deal with. In fact, spree killings in so called "gun free zones" or other soft-tsarget areas may actually be encouraged by the lack of personal awareness and preparation in the general population. Don't be one of the people who intellectually know that they could be caught in one of these tragedies, yet never actually prepares. If you are prepared, consider sharing this DVD with someone that you KNOW needs it. The video covers the basic tactics of survival for those caught in a spree killing: Evade, Barricade and be prepared to Respond if necessary. Regardless of whether you are armed or not and regardless of where you live or work, being prepared to deal with one of these events (and preparing your family and friends as well!)  is  part of your personal defense responsibility.

3) Fundamentals of Defensive Striking

PDN Contributor Kelly Muir filters through over 30 years of martial arts experience and two decades of teaching to bring you the most important aspects of efficient defensive striking. Focusing primarily on knees & elbows, Kelly covers fundamental concepts, mechanics and the best ways to practice the techniques she shares in order to develop power and the ability to apply to use your body’s natural tools to significantly affect your attacker’s ability to hurt you. Kelly, the 2012 Black Belt Magazine Woman of the Year, shares practical and useable information in this action filled video.

4) Shooting in Defense of Others

There are may people who have been compelled to act in defense of others with their concealed carry firearm without ever having trained for that moment or carefully considered. 

The tactics and ramifications of such action. Rob Pincus covers this important topic in great detail in this DVD, which includes typical scenarios as well as specific training drills.

5) Comprehensive Self Defense

Whether you have been taking yourself self-defense seriously for as long as you can remember or you are just beginning to take responsibility for your own safety, this information packed DVD will help you to create the most comprehensive plan possible for your training and protection. Rob Pincus takes you step-by-step through the process of developing a comprehensive self defense plan that covers all the plausible bases. Perfect for beginners and a great refresher for the more experienced, this DVD is designed to ensure that there are no gaps in your plan!

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