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This book bundle gives you the background information for not just why you need to prepare yourself and those you care about for worst case scenario defense, but also how you should undertake those preparations. Lessons from UnArmed America was co-written by Mark Walters and Rob Pincus and give s a unique look at real life events where people who were unprepared (or poorly prepared) became victims of violence that could possibly have been avoided or thwarted, had they made different choices and preparations. After Mark explains the events, Rob points out the mistakes that were made and things that you could do differently in the same situations.

Counter Ambush is Pincus' most informative book to date for those who are serious about developing high level self-defense skills. It sets the stage for your efficient armed defense by exploring the events that have occurred in the past, what we know about human reactions to attack and how older training models have both succeeded and failed to prepare people for these critical incidents. After establishing a thorough understand of what is likely to happen to you in such an event, the book provides invaluable tips and guidelines for developing your own skills and establishing a viable training and practice regimen that will help you respond as efficiently as possible.


Counter Ambush Book

Lessons from UNarmed America 

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