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Whether you carry a gun every day and feel like you have the skills you need for armed defense or you would never carry a gun a single day of your life, this 8 DVD Bundle is for YOU. Covering a wide variety of non-firearms topics, it is perfect for both ends of the gun debate and those who are caught in the middle: Wanting and Willing to carry a gun, but restricted by legalities or workplace polices. As long as you realize that you have a responsibility for your safety and that of those you care about, there is valuable information for you in this set of 8 DVDs for less than $100! This set covers Striking, Grappling, Defensive Knife, Baton, Fitness and Conflict Avoidance Topics to help you develop a thorough set of versatile self-defense skills. Instructors include Aaron Janetti, Rob McKeeman, Alessandro Padovani, Cecil Burch, Mike Gillette, William April, Michael Janich and Rob Pincus

Included DVDs:

  1. Defensive Applications of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  2. Krav Maga for Personal Defense
  3. Surviving the Knockout Game
  4. Violent Criminal Actors
  5. Practical Stick Defense Training
  6. Grip Strength Development
  7. Knife Defense against Multiple Attackers
  8. Functional Fitness Concepts for Personal Defense

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