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Over 90 DVDs!  Covering an incredibly diverse collection of topics and featuring over a dozen Expert Instructors, this training DVD library has been produced of the past 10 years at locations all around the United States. Each DVD delivers important information in a specific area of study under the umbrella of Personal Defense. Basic & Advanced Defensive Firearms skills are covered in about half of the set an the other half covers legal issues, defensive mindset, alternative defensive tools (stick, knife, chemical, electrical, etc.) unarmed defense, fitness, avoiding conflict, identifying threats, home security and much more. Remember: if you already own any number of these DVDs, your duplicates can be gifted to anyone you care about. This can also make a great Group Purchase for any Range, Police Department or Security Training Team or Military Unit... having a library that can be shared amongst the entire team is a great way to motivate individual and group development and foster a higher level of interest in training and practice.


Included DVDs:


C6030D .22 Caliber Training Concepts
C6195D 5 Ws of Personal Defense
C6123D Accessorizing Your AR
C6168D Active Shooter Responses
C6182D Advanced Combat Focus® Carbine DVD C6182D
C6002D Advanced Pistol Handling C6002D
C6122D Advanced Skill Development Drills
C6155D Application of Skills in Scenario Training
C6205D AR Pistols for Defense
C6204D AR-15 Optics
C6187D Armed Home Defense DVD C6187D
C6178D Back Up Guns DVD C6178D
C6157D Be the Wrong Woman
C6207D Becoming a Defensive Firearms Shooting Instructor
C6206D Best 100 Rounds: Defensive Handguns
C6128D Bodys Natural Reactions
C6191D Bullet Proof Mind - Mental Preparation for the Coming Hard Times 
C6140D Carbine Combatives and Retention
C6104D Chemical Sprays & Electrical Defense Devices
C6129D Combat Focus® Carbine DVD C6129D
C6018D Combat Focus® Shooting Evolution DVD
C6118D Comparing Competitive & Defensive Firearms Training
C6173D Comparisons Between Military Training and Personal Defense
C6215D Comprehensive Guide to Self Defense
C6149D-CPTED Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
C6189D Defense & Off Balance Positions DVD C6189D
C6198D Defense Around Obstacles
C6167D Defensive Applications of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
C6163D Defensive Carbine Training Tips
C6183D Defensive Firearms Myths & Misconceptions DVD C6183D
C6004D Defensive Firearms Use In Public
C6105D Defensive Long Gun Fundamentals
C6209D Defensive Mindset
C6019D Defensive Revolver Fundamentals
C6141D Disaster Preparation
C6199D DIY AR15 Build
C6108D Dry Fire Practice & Methodology
C6196D Empowered Citizen Edition - Volume 2 -  Fight for Your Life
C6186D Empowered Citizen Volume 1: Personal Safety in the Home
C6172D Extended Distance Range Training Preparation
C6031D Extreme Close Quarters Concepts
C6005D Extreme Close Quarters Shooting
C6170D Extreme Shooting Skill Development
C6112D Extreme Weather Situations
C6161D Firearm Care and Maintenance
C6184D Fitshot Level One
C6133D Functional Fitness Concepts for Personal Defense
C6165D Fundamentals of Appendix Carry
C6131D Fundamentals of Defensive Striking
C6159D Fundamentals of Snub Nosed Revolvers for Defense
C6190D Grip Strength Development DVD C6190D
C6115D Handgun Modifications Training
C6103D Home Security Systems & Home Defense
C6134D Immediate Aftermath of a Shooting
C6188D Immediate Emergency Medicine DVD C6188D
C6180D Interactions with Law Enforcement DVD C6180D
C6139D Intermediate Barriers, Drywall and Glass
C6116D Intro to Defensive Grappling
C6185D Knife Defense against Multiple Attackers DVD C6185D
C6164D Krav Maga for Personal Defense
C6149D-LTM Laser Training Methodologies
C6012D Lasers, Lights & Night Sights
C6174D Legal Considerations of non-lethal Personal Defense DVD C6174D
C6010D Legal Defense Considerations
C6126D Lessons from the Street
C6197D Live Fire Information Processing Drills
C6117D Locks and Doors
C6181D Maximizing Reality Based Training DVD C6181D
C6130D More Advanced Skill Development Drills
C6008D Multiple Person Response
C6127D One Handed Survival Shooting
C6101D Personal Defense Readiness
C6211D Personal Defense when the Gun Fails
C6102D Practical Blade Defense Training
C6120D Practical Cane Defense
C6119D Practical Rifle Drills
C6107D Practical Stick Defense Training
C6113D Precision Rifle Setup
C6156D Pump Shotgun for Home Defense
C6175D Reality Based Training
C6166D Safer Faster Knife Defense DVD C6166D
C6158D Shooting in Defense of Others
C6007D Skills Development Drills
C6177D Spree Attacker Response DVD
C6009D Subcompact Firearms
C6219D Surviving the Knockout Game
C6110D The Human Weapon System
C6202D Training with Steel and Reactive Targets
C6006D Unorthodox Shooting Positions & Training
C6109D Vehicle Defense Considerations
C6194D Violent Criminal Actors DVD C6194D
C6176D Wheelchair Bound Firearms Defense
C6169D Women's Concealed Carry Issues


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