Combat Focus® Shooting Evolution DVD

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C6151D "Combat Focus® Shooting-Evolution 2011" Training DVD

This long awaited DVD is an updated presentation of the Evolution of the Combat Focus Shooting Program. When it was first released on DVD in 2006, Rob Pincus' Combat Focus Shooting was the most progressive and intuitive approach to defensive shooting available. In 2010, Rob discontinued his original CFS Book and replaced it with Combat Focus Shooting Evolution: 2010. This new book went into deeper detail and covered more ground than the first work and expanded the drills and skills developed under the program. Now, Rob Pincus and several certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructors from around the world share an updated version o of the program, the fundamentals and the drills that continue to make Combat Focus Shooting the most progressive defensive firearms program on the planet.


This DVD includes 25 Chapters of detailed information on the fundamentals of intuitive defensive shooting (including sighted and unsighted fire), the core concepts that underly the CFS Methodology and the most important skill development drills you can do on virtually ANY range to develop your skill and your understand of your Balance of Speed & Precision in Defensive Shooting. While no video can match the experience of attending a live firearms course, this DVD brings you the most thorough presentation available off the range from some of the best instructors in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mike , 03/24/2014

I have this DVD and the book. Both are great as is the Counter Ambush book. Highly recommended is efficient self defense is your goal.

Reviewed by Brad M, 04/08/2013

This DVD was very informative and breaks down training into segments that are easy to understand and practice. The common sense approach to gun handling and training drills is terrific.

Reviewed by Esteban K, 11/05/2012

This DVD + book has been a revelation for me.I think that it will help us turn in better defensive shooter.
From Spain.

Reviewed by Steven , 10/30/2012

I have this DVD. It is a great companion to the book. In particular, I like the drills presented. Many of them can be done on ranges that have restrictions.

Reviewed by David J, 10/30/2012

This DVD is now an essential part of my personal training. ait has a logical approach to self defense. Two friends who have seen it have bought their own copies. The accompanying book makes a great addition to the DVD.

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