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9 DVDS for only $220.84. This bundle was selected to cover a wide variety of training topics. Perfect for someone just getting started, the advanced student looking for more tips and techniques or for a family or other group with diverse training interests. DVDs cover: Unarmed Self Defense, Mindset & Preparation, Armed Home Defense, Home Security,  Interacting with Law Enforcement, Aftermath of a Defensive Event, Vehicular Defense, Defensive handguns, Defense with a Knife and More!


  1. C6195D 5 Ws of Personal Defense
  2. C6131D Fundamentals of Defensive Striking
  3. C6105D Defensive Long Gun Fundamentals
  4. C6109D Vehicle Defense Considerations
  5. C6209D Defensive Mindset
  6.  C6166D Safer Faster Knife Defense DVD
  7. C6134D Immediate Aftermath of a Shooting
  8. C6127D One Handed Survival Shooting
  9. C6187D Armed Home Defense

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