The Best Defense -1st Season

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C6154T "THE BEST DEFENSE: First Season"

The Best Defense is an exciting and ground breaking television show that prepares the viewer for self defense through knowledge, preparation and awareness for men and women alike. The show features defense methods that involve: firearms, unarmed defensive situations, and self-defense product reviews. Every episode includes practical tips and techniques for personal, home and family defense.

Hosts Michael Bane, Mike Janich and Rob Pincus travel the United States visiting training facilities, where they demonstrate and explain life-saving techniques for self-defense in the home, at the office, in a car or even when lost in the woods.

This set contains all 13 original episodes aired during the first season in 2009!

Episode Descriptions:

EPISODE #1: Safe at Home



EPISODE #4: Awareness

EPISODE #5: Deescalation and Boundary Setting

EPISODE #6: Car Jacking Part I

EPISODE #7: Car Jacking Part II

EPISODE #8: Prepare For The Unexpected: Convenience Store Robbery

EPISODE #9: Immediate Aftermath

EPISODE #10: Safe In The Backcountry

EPISODE #11: Acquaintance Attacks

EPISODE #12: Finding a Dropped Gun

EPISODE #13: Tactical Tips and The Best of The Best Defense: Season 1

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