Advanced Combat Focus® Carbine DVD C6182D

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If you have a long gun staged for defense inside of your home or workplace, or if you carry a long gun professionally, this DVD will give you tips, techniques and drills to take expand the circumstances under which you can defend yourself or others with it. ARs, AKs, Lever Actions... the type of carbine doesn't matter, it's the Combat Focus Training Model and focus on efficient techniques that can be applied reliably over the widest plausible set of circumstances.


Instructor: Rob Pincus

1 .  Defensive Carbine Set up
2 .  Shooting Around Cover with a Defensive Carbine
3 .  Weak Side Cover with a Defensive Rifle
4 .  Kneeling Behind Cover with a Defensive Rifle
5 .  Using a Rifle in Extreme Close Quarters
6 .  Using Offset Sights on a Defensive Rifle
7 .  Understanding Rifle Barrel Offset Around Cover
8 .   Using Cover as a Rest
9 .   Taking Cover Behind Small Objects: Urban Prone 
10 .  Using a Vehicle as Cover
11 .  Training with Reactive Targets
12 .   Bonus: Using an AR Pistol for Defense

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