Counter Ambush 5-Disc DVD Box Set

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In this 5-DVD set is the most comprehensive training for how to survive a deadly surprise attack. Very few deadly encounters are ever seen coming. In fact, most attacks are actually more like an ambush, a complete surprise attack delivered with little to no warning. Inside you will discover answers to:

•How will your body react when startled?
•What are your body's natural defenses and how can you fully take advantage of them?
•What defensive shooting techniques work best under stress?
•How can you use the power of Recognition to respond more efficiently?


The Counter Ambush 5-DVD set will answer all these questions and more as you learn about the Neuroscience, Physics and Physiology of training for personal defense.

Violent criminals don't want to give you any time to format your counter attack and they take full advantage of the element of surprise. Knowing the keys to developing a Counter Ambush Response through your training is the key to being able to protect yourself and your loved ones in a worst case scenario. Claim your DVD set today.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dr. A, 06/28/2015

The Counter Ambush DVD set will be one of the most important training sets you will watch and study. Mr. Pincus breaks down the physics and physiology of the C-A theory into easily understandable concepts. This book and DVD set will change the way you train. I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Greg G, 11/17/2013

Impeccable customer service, as always. Simple ordering process, excellent communication on order status, this and every other order placed have arrived earlier than anticipated....
I own and have scoured the Counter Ambush book and now own it's perfect companion!! This DVD set mirrors the book and I love how both(book and DVD's)match perfectly, Rob's CFS training class. I highly recommend and will positively share

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