Dry Fire Practice & Methodology

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C6108D "Dry Fire Practice and Methodology" Training DVD

In this important addition to your training library, Rob Pincus has recruited expert instructor Claude Werner of the Rogers Shooting School. For decades, shooters have extolled the virtues of Dry Fire practice, but only recently have the empirical evidence and clinical facts about the way we learn and develop skills been combined to make the most of dry fire training opportunities. Watch as Claude goes thoroughly through all of the vital aspects of making your training sessions, including: Equipment, Safety, Consistency with Live Fire Practice and working with different types of firearms.

As a bonus, Rob Pincus also discusses the use of Laser Training Aids

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Reviewed by Jeffrey A, 02/18/2013

This is an excellent DVD that outlines a safe defensive shooting based set of dry fire drills that any one can do without having to go to a range or expend any ammunition. It is one of the resources I am recommending to students that are interested in really developing their proficiency.

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