Intermediate Barriers, Drywall and Glass

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C6139D "Intermediate Barriers" - Training DVD

There is often much speculation about what bullets will do when they strike their target. There is also much speculation about what bullets will do if they miss their mark and strike something else and if your intended target is actually behind an intermediate barrier. After watching this video, you’ll have no need to merely guess what your chosen defensive round is likely to do when it strikes typical home interior walls either after missing your intended target or if you know your threat is using a corner inside your home as concealment. Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Andy Loeffler of Black Wing Shooting Center demonstrate exactly what a range of typical defensive bullets do when they pass through home walls and glass on this important DVD for anyone has a firearm staged for home defense.

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Reviewed by Pete W, 11/24/2012

Eye opening about shooting in a building. I will be going for bonded ammunition from now on.

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