Functional Fitness Concepts for Personal Defense

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C6133D "Functional Fitness Concepts for Personal Defense" Training DVD

Certified Fitness Trainer and former US Marine Corps Officer, Rob Gerdes joins Rob Pincus to discuss the fundamentals of a Functional Fitness program, why it is importance to personal defense and safety. Gerdes shares several basic exercises you can do to increase your preparation for a worst case scenario as well as general health and also covers a few very simple concepts that can help you improve your diet! Covering body weight exercises with large ranges of motion, simple olympic style weight lifting that can apply to your everyday life and even a fundamental kettle bell exercise, Functional Fitness Concepts for Personal Defense might be the most important training video you've ever watched... while you may never need a gun or a knife, you can always benefit from being healthier and more physically capable!

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Reviewed by Jerry S, 11/24/2012

Functional fitness just makes sense, I spent years isolating muscles groups for what? This really is the way to keep fit for life.

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