Grip Strength Development DVD C6190D

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This DVD, the third Fitness Oriented DVD from the PDN Library, features Lead Instructor Mike Gillette covering both fundamental and advanced methods of developing the strength of your grip. You hands are the vital link between you and your defensive tools. The stronger they are and the more control you have over them, the better able you will be to defend yourself or others... even without a tool.
Mike covers basic concepts and both traditional and progressive exercises, most of which require no special equipment.


1 .  Intro
2 .  Extremity Anatomy
3 .  Warm Up
4 .  Crush Grip
5 .  Crush Grip: Horizontal Stick Exercises
6 .  Crush Grip: Specialty Tools
7 .  Closed Pinch Grip Training
8 .  Open Pinch Grip Training
9 .  Spread Grip Strength Training
10 .  Grip Strength Tool: Rice
11 .  Specialty Extremity Exercises: Pistol Push & Pull Ups & Sling Assists
12 .  Close
13 .  BONUS: Advanced Grip Training Tools

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