Be the Wrong Woman

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The second DVD in the series from Kelly Muir, this DVD is MUST for women interested in personal safety… including your mom’s & daughters!  Kelly covers concepts that are too often overlooked and it goes way beyond teaching a few strikes and covering cliché’d concepts like “carry your car keys as a weapon”. Kelly is also joined by Rob Pincus in this DVD to take an in depth look at the way a predator might try to manipulate a woman into an insolated situation and also to review the many options that women have in regard to self defense tools.


  1. Intro
  2. Intuitive Decision Making
  3. Myth of the Bad Guy
  4. Physical Defense: The Basics, Elbow Strikes
  5. Physical Defense: Advanced Concepts, Knee Strikes
  6. Defense Tools: Contact Tools and Chemical Spray
  7. Defense Tools: TasersTM and Firearms


Be the Wrong woman!  A self defense video by Kelly Muir founder of the Wrong WomanTM Program. She is a 5th degree Black Belt and the lead insturctor at Team Karate Center, Columbus.  

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Walter , 12/16/2012

Just got this for my wife and daughters. We all loved it. My wife was very pleased with hearing the concepts from a woman's perspective. Both of our awareness has improved to the idea of living a defensive lifestyles. We were not aware of how often we let other people control our environment until we watched this DVD. Good job! A must see!

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