Chemical Sprays & Electrical Defense Devices

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C6104D "Chemical Sprays for Defense & Electrical Defense Devices" Training DVD


Do you know ANYONE who won’t carry a gun but still wants to be capable of defending themselves efficiently? Do you know people who Can’t carry a gun because of where they live or work?  Have you considered following the advice of many professionals who suggest that if you carry a gun you should also carry a tool that offers a lower level of force option? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you need this DVD.

Experts from the Saber Red company present detailed information on the manufacturing process, delivery methods and capabilities of chemical sprays and Gary Meares of DGG Taser explains the evolution of electrical defensive devices right up to the Taser C2 and then shares training and deployment tips for this incredibly capable non-lethal device. If for no other reason, purchase this DVD to witness Rob Pincus taking a hit from a Taser C2 right in the Chest during a defensive event scenario!

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