Intro to Defensive Grappling

SKU: C6116D

C6116D "Introduction to Defensive Grabbling" Training DVD

Non-Firearms Edition:
Rob Pincus thoroughly covers the fundamentals of joint locks, leverage points and defensive grappling on this DVD. A great primer for what to do when your in a fight and in contact!

1. Introduction to Defensive Grappling Concepts
2. Working with a Training Partner
3. Understanding how the Joints works
4. The Arm Bar & Escaping from a Bear Hug
5. Following up the Arm Bar
6. Escaping from a Headlock
7. Wrist Lock
8. Combining the Arm Bar and Wrist Lock for Control
9. Differences of Size & Strength
10. Applying Grappling Techniques when attacked from various Angles
11. Applying Techniques in a Realistic Setting

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