Personal Defense Readiness

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C6101D "Personal Defense Readiness" Training DVD

The first in a new series of Non-Firearms Personal Defense Videos featuring Rob Pincus and other top instructors. The Personal Defense Readiness DVD features Rob Pincus and PDR developer Tony Blauer. The PDR program is the most progressive unarmed Self Defense program in the world. Developed by Blauer over the past 2 decades, PDR features elements of his cutting edge S.P.E.A.R. System and is simple to learn. In this video, Tony explains the basis of the program, teaches the fundamentals for defense and close quarters counter-attack, offers a training methodology for home practice and demonstrates the effectiveness of the principles in real-world attack simulations. Featuring over one hour of instruction, the Personal Defense Readiness DVD is a must for anyone who is interested in efficient unarmed defensive techniques and capabilities.

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