Practical Cane Defense

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C6120D "Practical Cane Defense" Training DVD

In Practical Cane Defense, Rob Pincus teaches you how to use a Cane for personal defense in realistic situations in public environments. Whether you use a cane everyday or are interested in a low profile personal defense tool that can be legally carried anywhere, Practical Cane Defense has the information that you need use a cane for the defense of yourself or others efficiently.

Practical Cane Defense consists of easy to learn and simple to practice techniques and concepts that you can use when you need them!

1. Opening
2. Types of Canes
3. Carrying a cane for Defense
4. Establishing Distance & Creating a Shield
5. Spearing
6. Maintaining Control of Your Cane
7. Cane Defense while in a Clinch
8.Striking with a Cane
9. Trapping
10. Defending a Third Party
11. Closing

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