Spree Attacker Response DVD For School Use Only

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I.C.E. Training Company is offering 300 FREE Spree Attack Response DVDs to Teachers & Schools Systems!

Available to any teacher, staff or administration member of any elementary, middle, high school or college in the United States. Limit one per customer. 

You'll be charged $4.95 for shipping and handling. The item price includes the shipping and handling fee.  


Spree Killings are an unfortunate reality that far too few people are prepared to deal with. In fact, spree killings in so called "gun free zones" or other soft-tsarget areas may actually be encouraged by the lack of personal awareness and preparation in the general population. Don't be one of the people who intellectually know that they could be caught in one of these tragedies, yet never actually prepares. If you are prepared, consider sharing this DVD with someone that you KNOW needs it. The video covers the basic tactics of survival for those caught in a spree killing: Evade, Barricade and be prepared to Respond if necessary. Regardless of whether you are armed or not and regardless of where you live or work, being prepared to deal with one of these events (and preparing your family and friends as well!)  is  part of your personal defense responsibility.

Any parent may also send one of these DVDs to the attention of "Principal" or "Superintendant" of their child's school. If you choose to do this, please use that person's mailing address.

The information in this DVD is based on I.C.E. Training's School Attacker Response Course, designed specifically to give teachers, students and faculty members a proactive response plan for dealing with violence in schools.


1. Introduction
2. Evolution of Proactive Strategies
3. Evade
4. Barricade
5. Respond
6 Training to Respond to a Spree Attack
7. Demystifying the Gun
8. Close


Bonus Segment: Using a Fire Extinguisher as a Defensive Tool


This offer is valid while supplies last.








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