The Human Weapon System

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C6110D "The Human Weapon Systems" Training DVD


"Robert Smith, M.D., of the Direct Action Medical Network reviews the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the human body in a combative environment. He and Rob Pincus discuss the effects that human anatomy and physiology have on training, technique selection and target selection. Dr. Smith also offers advice on how to maintain strength and fitness efficiently and demonstrates practical applications of his concepts."

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Reviewed by Mike D, 12/06/2012

Dr. Smith changed the game for me. Not only do I have a better of how to improve my performance as an end-user, understanding the human survival mechanisms as unique physiological features has also helped me to better understand and implement improved training methods both as a martial artist and firearms user/instructor.

Reviewed by Omari B, 12/04/2012

Dr. Smith is the AUTHORITY on how the human body was designed for survival. His work has found a permanent home within my training library. Thanks Dr. Smith!

Reviewed by matt , 12/03/2012

If you really want to understand how the body reacts under stress and especially during violent encounters this dvd is very eye opening and insightful...a must watch for anyone serious about self defense and trying to understand what can and will happen to the human body

Reviewed by Paul C, 12/03/2012

Doc Smith has a wealth of information to share regarding the human body and how it reacts in and to violence. His perspective gives insight into how to exploit the strengths and weaknesses to win when it counts most.

This information is must have!

Reviewed by Alessandro P, 12/03/2012

Dr. Smith shares knowledge that is essential for anybody who wants to gain a deeper understanding of how our body works under the stress of combat.
He shows us how to better integrate that knowledge into our training protocols to maximize our mind/body resources and meet our true potential in a worst case scenario. I had the fortune of meeting DR. Smith in person a couple of time and he is a constant source of topical information, I'm glad that he finally found the time to put some of it down in this DVD for everybody's benefit. Do not miss this opportunity!

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