Active Shooter Response Instructor Development

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This course will empower self-defense and defensive shooting instructors to educate people in the tactics and fundamentals of Active Shooter Response. The program will focus on escaping an event immediately if possible, barricading to avoid confrontation if that is an option and, ultimately, responding directly to the threat if necessary.


Fundamentals of basic Unarmed Responses, Barricading Techniques, Group Tactics, Improvised Defensive Tools, the Use of Firearms, Emergency Medicine and other topics will be covered. While not meant to be an exhaustive course in teaching any of these specific areas, the ASRID aims to provide instructors with a comprehensive way to teach integrated concepts to anyone who recognizes the need to prepare for surviving a horrific spree killing event. This course is an evolution of I.C.E.'s celebrated School Attacker Response Course (SARC) that expands to include events in any public space and integrate the potential for armed response.


In addition to the teaching of tactics and fundamental skills, facilitating scenarios and practical exercises will also be covered.


There will be a written test offered at the end of the course for certification. A passing score of 90% or higher, combined with a demonstrated ability to understand and convey the core concepts of the program will be necessary for certification. It is strongly recommended that any instructor interested in being certified in Active Shooter Response by I.C.E. Training Company already be competent in teaching some form of both armed and unarmed defensive skills.

Class Hours are 9-5


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