I.C.E. CLAW™ EMS Rear Sight with Lumi Square Front Sight for Bersa BP 9/40/380 BS-440

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Please Note: Fits all SW M&P except Shield and Pro L 5-inch models


Black I.C.E. CLAW™ EMS Rear Sight with Lumi Square Front Sight

Designed by Rob Pincus, of I.C.E. Training Company and the Combat Focus® Shooting Program, for defensive firearms.

I.C.E. CLAW™ sights are the most aggressively designed rear sights for one handed emergency manipulations in a worst case scenario. Designed with a wide .180" notch for fast front sight acquisition when you need sighted fire and a concave leading edge, The I.C.E. CLAW™ will serve you well as a Defensive Pistol Rear Sight until you need it most... That's when it could save your life.


I.C.E. CLAW™ rear sights can be used with standard height and width front sights, including factory fronts, or paired with high visibility options.

I.C.E. CLAW™ Emergency Manipulation Rear Sights are manufactured in the US by AmeriGlo.




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