I.C.E. CLAW™ EMS Rear Sight with Lumi Square Front Sight for SW M&P

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Please Note: Fits all SW M&P except Shield and Pro L 5-inch models


Black I.C.E. CLAW™ EMS Rear Sight with Lumi Square Front Sight

Designed by Rob Pincus, of I.C.E. Training Company and the Combat Focus® Shooting Program, for defensive firearms.

I.C.E. CLAW™ sights are the most aggressively designed rear sights for one handed emergency manipulations in a worst case scenario. Designed with a wide .180" notch for fast front sight acquisition when you need sighted fire and a concave leading edge, The I.C.E. CLAW™ will serve you well as a Defensive Pistol Rear Sight until you need it most... That's when it could save your life.


I.C.E. CLAW™ rear sights can be used with standard height and width front sights, including factory fronts, or paired with high visibility options.

I.C.E. CLAW™ Emergency Manipulation Rear Sights are manufactured in the US by AmeriGlo.




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Barry K, 11/09/2013

Great sight. My accuracy has imporved greatly over the Big Dot sights that I was using. I still have the benefits of the large front sight but when I need to be percise I am able to utlize the rear sights for equal light on each side of the front sight and find the target accuratly. In addition the single hand manipulation is a strong plus as well. I highly recomend these sights. I have them on both of my carry M&P pistols.

Reviewed by Bill N, 11/05/2013

What a great set of sights..!.. I had trouble quickly aquiring the front sight of the factory notch and blade (though many people don't have any problem with them).
The Luma square front sight easliy solved that issue for me, and I find the rear CLAW design to be extremly dependable for one handed racking anywhere, anytime, on just about anything.
For me, these 'sight' faster than the 'Big Dots' ever did, as well as bringing back the acurracy of the notch and blade system which I greatly needed. I now have them on all my M&Ps.
Its a great product, Thank you-
Bill N.

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