School Attacker Response Course

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This seminar is being offered for free by a coalition of professional personal defense instructors to public school faculty and staff in order to give them practical alternatives to the "Hide & Hope" strategies that are commonly being provided.

The seminars last from 2-3 hours and can be taught during or after school hours.

Topics include:
Overview of typical School Attacks
Escape & Evasion
Improvised Defensive Tools
Empowering Others to Act
Unarmed Defense
Group Defense Response

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School Faculty Administrators should Contact I.C.E. Training Company for more Information. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Desuetude , 07/17/2014

I discovered this product by accident and was amazed by its content. Even before the free DVD arrived the content that was listed in the DVD description had given me more ideas of what to do in the event of a spree attack than were ever offered in any faculty meeting. Typically teachers are told to lock their doors, cover their windows, and have everyone huddle up in an area of the room that offers the most cover while remaining totally silent. And wait—!

The concept of scattering to evade an attacker will scare a lot of teachers and administrators, but it would be useful to practice. It’s an important concept that has never been discussed in any faculty meeting I’ve attended. Yet, it is a potentially lifesaving act. Obviously it would have to be practiced in a sensible manner.

Barricading kind of flies in the face of “keep quiet.” Filing cabinets, pianos, desks, chairs, etc. can really come in handy if some forethought is given to the layout of a room. The Wedge-It idea was great. It made me think that most school restrooms have some pretty heavy-duty doors on them already. Pop one of those devices under the door and you’ve bought yourself a lot of cover, and time.

Improvised weapons—I’ll be hitting up the thrift shops this summer looking for some used golf clubs and billiard balls to keep in a closet, oh, and a spare fire extinguisher. The notion of fighting back the attacker is a concept that my school system has never entertained.

The final chapter on demystifying the gun was critical. Firearms are mechanical devices that have limitations. Understanding these limitations is an advantage to someone unfortunate enough to be caught in a spree attack situation.

My only criticism would be that some of the bumper footage of target shooting on the range will scare a lot principals and superintendents, especially at the beginning of the DVD.

A majority of this material in the video would also work in an audio format. This way people could load it onto their iPods and digest the content in another way.

This is by far the best discussion of the alternatives available to teachers and students in the event of a spree attack. I’d recommend that all teachers take the time to consider the contents of this DVD.

Thanks Rob and I.C.E. Training for putting your minds together to make this DVD. You really filled an enormous void. This is top-notch professional development for faculties everywhere.

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