Family Firearms Safety Seminar

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This four hour session for the entire family provides a thorough overview of a responsible approach to the risks involved with children and firearms. Whether the family home already has guns in it, the family is interested in purchasing firearms or parents are simply concerned about their children coming into contact with firearms, this seminar will address the most common questions and the best solutions. Developed by I.C.E. Training Company at the request of many parents who have been looking for these answers but not sure where to find them, the Family Firearms Safety Seminar begins with a discussion about the real risks and dangers that firearms present and how they can be mitigated. Purchasing your first firearm, home defense firearms & training, responsible storage and “What to do if you find a gun.” will all be covered thoroughly. School Shootings, Friends with Guns and Toy Guns will also be addressed.

The seminar will begin in the classroom and then there will be two live fire range sessions, one for the children (6 years & older) alone and one for parents and children combined. All range sessions will be lead by experienced instructors who have worked extensively with shooters of all levels and will take place in a very controlled environment. The range sessions are focused on safety and operations of firearms as well as satiating the natural curiosity that many have about guns, not high level skill development. Opportunities for additional training in firearms use and personal defense will be discussed during the final session of the seminar, which will include ample time for Question & Answer. Family with their own firearms are encouraged to bring them, so that specific operations and safety issues can be addressed.


All necessary equipment, including safety gear, will be provided. 

Cost: $75 / Family up to 6 people, $25 for each additional family member.



For information on locations and dates please visit the I.C.E. Training Calendar

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