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The Combat Focus® Shooting Instructor Development Course is an intense academic 5 day program designed to give you insight into, and increase your understanding of, the principles and concepts that underlie the CFS Program. This course also focuses on helping you to be able to share that information with others.

The course will consist of some range with over 40 hours of classroom lecture & discussion and assigned homework for the evenings. In addition to the concepts specific to CFS, adult learning, neuro-scientific principles of learning & ambush response, professionalism and marketing your courses will be covered as well. At the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to become eligible for certification as CFS Instructors through their participation in a written exam and a subjective teaching test. After successfully completing both tests, candidates must team teach or assist in one full class before becoming fully certified to teach on their own. If a CFSID Student does not successfully pass the tests during the course, they may re-test (for no additional fee) in the future.


The CFSID Course has been called a “Graduate Program in Defensive Firearms Training” and is often compared to college coursework by attendees. Prior participation in end user CFS Training is the only pre-requisite to attend. Historically, since 2004, there is an approximately 50% success rate for students seeking certification as instructors.




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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by John F, 08/20/2017

I took Rob's CFSID class In Fort Smith, AR. Definitely worth every penny! I chose to take the class after taken the CFS class about 6 months prior. The course is the most comprehensive firearms course I have ever taken. I have been to several of the big name schools and trained with some big name instructors but this class by far was the best. If your wanting to become a firearms instructor or take your instruction to the next level this class is a no brainer.

Reviewed by Doug Glenn, 08/20/2017

This class proved to be every bit as challenging as advertised, but it was equally rewarding. Come prepared for long days packed full of instruction.
If you are looking for serious, in-depth training then this course is for you. The amount of research and scientific data that are behind each of the drills that are taught can be difficult to absorb, but you will leave with no doubt that you are a part of the most well thought out training program available. No room for myths or legends just logical, methodical, detailed training to ensure individuals can respond to a threat with the greatest efficiency possible.

Reviewed by Rob Jennings, 08/20/2017

Very comprehensive. Full tilt learning environment. Difficult week, lots of work, plenty of studying, but we learned the importance of answering the "Why" questions and how to answer them. Best instructor development I've had, but be prepared to work hard. Excellent course taught by Rob Pincus.

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