Defensive Firearms Coach Certification Course

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This intense three day course is designed to increase the student's understanding of defensive firearms, their use in a home defense situation and increase their ability to share that information with others. The course is split between the classroom( 75%) and Live Fire Range (25%) and focuses on understanding the differences between generic "shooting skill" and truly understanding the most important aspects of using a firearm for self defense. There are no pre-requisites for the DFC Course, but students will be required to successfully pass a written test of knowledge and perform well during a teaching demonstration in order to achieve Certification.

The DFCCC will feature in depth sessions on types of handguns and their value in the role of defense, ammunition selection, storage options, home defense tactics, interacting with law enforcement, developing fundamental defensive shooting skills, Combat Accuracy, The Balance of Speed & Precision and overcoming myths, misconceptions and anxiety in those new to defensive shooting. Attendees will also learn the most important drills to run in order to help their own students develop their skills efficiently.

Defensive Firearms Coaches are certified to teach the I.C.E. Training Company Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns Course, a comprehensive course designed to educate those new to defensive firearms in the most important aspects of their use for home defense and the Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Course. 

Certified Defensive Firearms Coaches also receive a $500 discount on tuition should they elect to go on to take the Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Development Course.

Attendee's should bring an appropriate defensive handgun, 3 magazines and 250-300 rounds of ammunition. Notebook & DFC Guide will be provided.



For information on locations and dates please visit the I.C.E. Training Calendar


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by William Keller, 08/20/2017

I took the DFCIC coursework recently in Iowa. It is one of the best sets on instructor development coursework I've taken. I've written a detailed review on my blog at the following link. It should fill you in on the entire 3 days.

Reviewed by Felix Barrios, 05/18/2017

I attended a Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor Development Class 19-21 April 2017. As an active duty United States Marine for 18 years and a lifelong student, I can honestly say that this is by far the best instructor development class I have taken. As a neophyte Defensive Firearms Instructor, I would say that this class has taken me to the next level.

The instructor team (Jamie Onion, Ken Crawford, Mandy Autrey, Jay Hawkins, and Derek Cecil) did a phenomenal job really owning the material and expecting the same from all eight instructor candidates. The class is very streamlined with no downtime at all, you are either in the classroom learning new concepts/principles, at the range practicing/evaluating skills that you just learned , practicing your teach backs or having a conversation with an instructor/ fellow student about concepts/principle on a much deeper level.

This class is not a show up, listen, nod your head up and down, and get certified class. You will be pushed to your limits as a student and as an instructor (second day was the very challenging to me). The training days are mostly event driven (a big plus). No one leaves the class until questions about the concepts and principles have been answered and understood/acknowledged by both instructor and the student.

This class challenged all the instructor candidates and really pushed us out of our comfort zone in order to be better instructors and efficiently get the material out to our students. There is a very high expectation from the students to thoroughly understand and teach the material. I highly recommend this course to defensive firearms instructors whether you are just getting started or have been doing this for a long time. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any additional question/s about this class.

Reviewed by Mandy Autrey, 03/29/2015

This course was so worth the time and money. I have been teaching firearms training for over 20 years, I have never received this type of instructor training. I would recommend this class to any one looking to enhance there own training or instructor ability. Contact me at, if you have any questions.

Reviewed by ed, 01/05/2015

Excellent course.

Reviewed by Nick Grossman, 01/05/2015

Many courses are billed as "instructor development". I've taken a lot of them. This is one of the few that really delivers, and in spades: whether you pass or not, whether you end up teaching this material or not, applying yourself in this class will almost certainly help you be a better defensive shooting instructor. The focus is where it should be, which is on teaching and helping your students improve, and the instructors rise to the challenge of hard questions and back up what they say. It's intense, and is often compared to drinking from a firehose, but putting in the work pays off. Well worth the investment.

Reviewed by Ken Crawford (Titan Training Academy), 12/31/2014

When I took this course I was already a firearms instructor and was hoping to add a bit more depth to what I was teaching. This course far exceeded my expectations and put me to the test as a person and as an instructor. Over the three days be prepared to take a lot of notes and ask questions. The value that you get and in turn can offer your students is well worth the time and money you spend.

Reviewed by Steve Rundall, 12/31/2014

A great way to break into teaching self defense. The instructor's depth of knowledge was readily apparent. And the support you receive after is top notch. Be prepared for long days and writers cramp taking in all they offer. Highly recommended to anyone currently teaching or looking to get started.

Reviewed by Barry O'Neal, 12/31/2014

If you are interested in and want to teach, but not yet ready to take the Combat Focus Shooting instructor development course, then DFC is the perfect course. You will get a introduction into the CFS program and be able to share and teach some of the basic concepts of the CFS program. Many students today are looking for a defensive shooting class and a DFC certification will allow you to do that. Both my wife and I are DFC certified and we get most of our students in a IDH or ICC class. The IDH/ICC classes that we teach bring in most of our training business.

Reviewed by Ernie Traugh ( Cedar Valley Outfitters), 12/30/2014

This class was an intense three day lesson in how to teach. Don't focus on what you know about running a gun or even how many times you've been through CFS or APH. If you open your mind up to realize you are here to learn how to "teach" you will do well. This class only further assured me that this is the path to be on. DFC class will make you realize how much you can help the beginner students buy giving them what is surely one of the best entry level classes available. The support available to you is immense. I have received more support within the I.C.E. family in the last 3 months than anyone within my own industry in which I have spent 17 years and millions of dollars. This instructor class is well worth the money. Feel free to call and speak to me about my experience. 319-447-6140

Reviewed by Stan Johnston, 12/30/2014

A great course to help you improve your understanding of defensive handgun use, as well as improve your presentation of this information to your defensive handgun students.
It is well worth your time, energy and resources to attend this course!
Terrific instructors. Great results!

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