Intuitive Defensive Shooting 2 Day Course

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The Intuitive Defense Shooting Program is an Intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more Efficient with a defensive firearm in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident.

This course is two full days of intense training, teaching and practice. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Lateral Motion
  • The Balance of Speed & Precision
  • The Critical Incident Reload
  • Volume of Fire
  • Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
  • Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident
  • The Skill Development Cycle
  • One Handed & Weak Handed Shooting
  • Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Clearing
  • Shooting in Motion (When, How & Why)
  • The Intuitive Defense Shooting Course is not designed to make you the best shooter you can be on the range, rather its goal is to help you quickly develop fundamental skills that you can apply in a worst case scenario defensive shooting situation.


IDS is based on years of constantly evolving information about how the body works and what really happens during Dynamic Critical Incidents and has been heavily influenced by the diverse group of instructors that are certified to teach it and the thousands of students who have been through courses all around the world. The program features a variety of specialty drills and training methods that the student will be able to utilize in the their own practice after the course in order to continue to develop their abilities.

Students will fire a minimum of 800 rounds. (Students are welcome to bring extra ammunition, as there will be certain drills where round count can easily be increased.) Price does not include ammunition. 

Taught by Rob Pincus


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Fran Merante, 09/20/2017

I recently had the pleasure of taking the 2 day Combat Focus Shooting course with Rob. EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! Really broke me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to evolve. Rob's instruction is WORLD CLASS and ALWAYS on point. He will ALWAYS give you the reasoning behind each element of the skill set he is teaching you. It's NEVER because "that's just the way it's supposed to be done" or "because that's the way that I want you to do it".

I walked away with a sharpened skill set and a plethora of new skills to work on and develop via some incredible drills.

What I can tell future students of the CFS course is: FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS and if you are not certain of the instructions ASK. Rob has NO PROBLEM answering questions if you are uncertain. As he reminded us many times, its not a "Fun With Guns" gathering. It's serious life and death business and he treats it as such. Rob is pretty adamant about following instructions for the safety of everyone on the range.

I would also advise to go into the course as a blank slate. Forget everything you have learned throughout the 2 days of the course. Try not to let it cloud or get in the way of absorbing the incredibly valuable information that Rob teaches. The material is proven and backed by Rob's countless hours of research and study. It is absolutely cutting edge material. Allow yourself to evolve. Give 100% effort in the class without your effort being clouded by older knowledge and I guarantee you will reap amazing benefits and be most prepared for the threats that could possibly come your way in the real world.

The information and training I received in this class is EASILY the MOST VALUABLE element of my firearms life to date.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Combat Focus Shooting course to anyone who is serious about keeping themselves and their loved ones safe by carrying a firearm. YOU NEED THIS TRAINING!

Reviewed by Rob Jennings, 08/20/2017

Actually took this as a blended CFS/APH course a few years ago. Alessandro Padovani and Rob Pincus were the primary instructors for the course. Learned a lot in those 3 days about myself, my equipment, and my skillset. Since that time, I've taken the 1 and 2 day courses as well as the APH over again several times to try to keep the rust knocked off. This is not a "one and done" course. This is a continuous skill building course. Every time i take it, I feel more competent about my performance.

Reviewed by H.W. Frank, 05/29/2017

Just completed the two-day CFS course taught by Rob, and was very impressed. My background is 20 years USMC and 14 years U.S. Department of Justice, and I'm an avid IDPA and 3-Gun shooter. For starters, students should understand that Rob's focus is 100% on defensive shooting, not competitive shooting. His entire program is based on what his research shows about how human beings react in crisis, not what they do in competition, and it was obvious to me that every move and technique he teaches is based on rigorous and disciplined analysis and experience. He does not just make things up or repeat things he heard from someone else or saw someone else do. Although I do not agree with Rob's perspective that competitive shooting is counter-productive to developing competence in self-defense situations -- a disagreement we talked about during the course -- I will definitely be changing by range training by adding his drills, using his targets, and practicing his movements. I got every dime's worth of training I paid for, and I'll be back for more next time he comes anywhere near my neck of the woods. Last word: I disagree with the comments about Rob being harsh or this training being some kind of "Boot Camp" experience. He isn't harsh, and this isn't Boot Camp. The man just believes 100% in what he teaches, he is determined to make sure his students get what they paid for, and he doesn't waste time dancing around peoples' feelings when they need correction. He's actually sharp-witted and funny, in addition to being highly skilled, and I recommend this course with complete confidence.

Reviewed by Annie, 07/02/2016

If you want to get a crash course in self defense shooting, have a masochistic side, have always wondered what boot camp would be like and/or are looking for challenging ways to celebrate turning half-a-century (as I was) – then this is the class for you. If you are a “precious snowflake” kind of person, stop reading and go back to your video game right now. This is most definitely not the course for you.

What combat focus shooting is: a stressful, loud, grungy 8+ hours of instinctive shooting while being yelled at by Rob Pincus (or one of his instructors). Be prepared to be belittled, verbally abused, physically and mentally ridden hard and put away wet – oh, and to learn a few things. If you take this course during summer, add in sunburn and dehydration.

My pitiful plunking prior to taking this course did little to prepare me – other than acquainting me with my gun – for the quantity of bullets shot and the style of shooting. But that was a good thing. I came with few bad habits and zero expectations. By the end of the course I felt a whole lot more comfortable with my weapon and eager to build on what I learned. And I still have a lot to learn. Is this target practice? No. And thank goodness because for self defense (i.e., the only reason I carry a weapon), that’s a waste of time. My training going forward will look a whole lot different.

One of my biggest worries was being the least experienced person in the class. I wasn’t – but what struck me was that no matter how much experience any one else had – we all had to change/modify/destroy misconceptions, techniques and/or beliefs. For me perhaps the most useful part was being forced to act under stress – the primary reason (this is my opinion anyway) Rob rides his students so hard and keeps the pace fast. I noticed that for the last quarter of the class, when I really, really wanted to stop, when my brain was utterly fried, I was thinking less and shooting more instinctively and confidently. Worth the price of admission right there.

At the outset, Rob lets you know that this is not "fun" shooting. If you take the plunge on this course, my recommendations are: 1) forget what you think you know about pistol shooting 2) leave your ego at home 3) shut up and listen - then ask questions 4) be a sponge; take advantage of the vast store of knowledge Rob has to offer 5) bring sunscreen and water

Rob is tough, but he clearly loves what he does and has huge passion. I got the sense that after the shooting was done that he would have answered our questions for another 8 hours if we needed them. He’s doing good work and I’m grateful for the experience.

(This is a review of the 1-day combat focus shooting in Eagle, CO.)

Reviewed by Kevin H., 05/17/2016

I took Combat Focus Shooting in Atlanta, IL, and was impressed with every aspect of the class. The instructor for the class was Rob Pincus. There are too many positive aspects of the class to list in a review. What stood out more than anything else was the instructor's enthusiasm, knowledge, and constant feedback tailored to each individual student. Although I carried a pistol every day while serving in the military, Mr. PIncus quickly identified my few strengths and many weaknesses and constantly provided instruction to improve my skills. I would highly recommend the class to anyone who owns a pistol for defensive purposes whether they've been shooting for 30 years or three months.

Reviewed by Vic Bausell, 02/15/2016

I took the two day course with Rob Pincus and instructors Ken and Maggie from Firearms Training in Las Vegas. I have not taken a class for about 15 years. I picked up my CCW about 4 years ago, watched Robs videos and finally jumped in a took the class. The first day I realized that this training was amazing to say the least. I was building a foundation that I could use to deal with a threat in a real way with confidence. I had thought I was prepared but I was wrong. I found myself gaining skills and confidence with every string we fired and every drill we went through. The idea to shoot faster, be smoother and deal with a threat with new skills is what you are going to get. The content of this class, this philosophy are not random ideas written on a bar napkin, this is science, experience given by instructors who are preparing you for the fight of your life, or maybe just being prepared is the mindset that never has to fight. I plan on continuing my training using this method, to me there is nothing better! Thanks Rob for the start and for Ken and Maggie who are just great folks to train with.

Reviewed by Jim Giranda, 12/16/2015

My wife Liz and I attended this two day course at Shooters in Cape May , New Jersey; we drove down and back from Bucks County Pennsylvania each day. I think everyone that carries a firearm for personal protection needs to take this course. The essentials of what you will learn in this course may just save your life or the life of a loved one .

Will you be pushed to your limits? Will you be yelled at? Will you at times feel embarrassed? Will you complete the course knowing just what you need to practice to improve and to continue to improve your skill set?....Yes to all of those.

So, leave your feelings at home and don't be afraid to go to one of these courses, and if you have to put a Q-Tip in your pocket and during a break take it out and look at it to remember...Quit Taking It Personally.

Thanks Rob for a great learning experience.

Reviewed by Gary, 05/16/2015

Just finished the 2 day course. I was not one of the better shooters in the class, but it helped me a lot. Understanding the reasons for the methods taught was very helpful; it was not just "this is the best way." We learned, practiced, and received evaluation of skills that are very practical and necessary for anyone who carries a gun for self defensive. Each of us left understanding areas requiring more work and how to go about it.

Reviewed by Kevin Dozpat, 05/12/2015

My wife and I took the 2 day CFS course and we learned a lot. Rob is a great instructor, he made sure all questions were answered in detail and explained the reason(s) for each evolution of the course. He made sure we understood everything we did and why it is done that way. We left better shooters with new skill sets and a better way to train to keep our combat focus. If you carry a pistol, whether it's for personal protection or professional you should take this course.

Reviewed by Todd Manker, 07/27/2014

As a firearms instructor I am constantly seeking out new training methods. Although I have been following Rob for awhile, I was unable to attend one of his courses due to work schedules. After conversing with Rob via Facebook we decided it was time for a course here in Southern IL! I had read every edition of the C.F.S. books, watched the dvd, but was unprepared for the experience of the real thing! C.F.S. is the epitome of "real world" defensive shooting instruction! Can't recommend this training enough and can't wait to train with Rob again!!!

Reviewed by Bill N., 10/25/2013

I took the 2 day CFS course:
Thank you Rob for developing such a refined course. I first studied your Counter Ambush Program, followed by the CFS dvd set and book, and I’m glad I did as it really helped this new shooter prepare for this course. Our instructor was Alessandro Padovani, who was more passionate about CFS training than we could have hoped for. All aspects were explained in detail. All questions were answered in detail. Alessandro made sure we understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. I left as a much improved shooter in just 2 days, but even more important than the learned skill set, I walked away armed with the knowledge of how (and why) I can continue to train efficiently, effectively and consistently.
Also really looking forward to APH course!!
Thanks again,
Bill N.
Oct. 5-6 2013, SloughHouse, CA

Reviewed by Tammy, 06/13/2013

Took the modified one day course. The difference in my skill level between the beginning and the end of the class were beyond belief. I wasn't sure if I felt confident enough to CC as a newer gun owner but I'm ready as of now. Also really appreciated no double standard in expectations because I'm a woman, in fact an "older" woman. Looking forward to taking the full 2 day course soon. Many thanks to Rob and his instructors for such a great experience!

Tammy, class of 6/7/13 at Gander Academy in Lakeville MN

Reviewed by Marty, 04/04/2013

Rob & his team of instructors are thorough & consummate professionals. Their attention to detail and safety enhanced my experience & helped me round out the ‘ruts’ in my technique. I can easily say the value of Rob’s training will pay significant dividends for me and my Combat Focus.

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